About MD5 FairPlay

The figure is conceived by a simple pseudo-random number generator, an algorithm that generates a sequence of numbers whose elements are independent of each other. The proven MD5 FairPlay control system is introduced into the game. The participant of the game receives an archive with a text file, in which the number is located before the end of the current game, at the end of it you are given a password for opening the file with a number, so players are immune from any deception on the part of our system. The password encrypts the current game data, which remain unchanged.

How it works?

To place a bet:

  1. Enter the amount of the first bet.
  2. Choose a number.
  3. Click on the button "Get Lucky!"
  4. The following numbers are betted in the same way, but you can end the current game and start a new one.
Bid Minimum Maximum Payment
1 digit 1 100 5:1
2 digits 1 150 4:1
3 digits 1 200 3:1
4 digits 1 300 2:1
Even 1 500 1,23:1
Odd 1 600 1,15:1

Equal to the minimum current rate in order to win back the money lost for the last game and is only a friendly advice.

Earn with us! In your personal account you have a personal affiliate link, which you can send to friends ready to turn the wheel of Fortune! Your partner reward can be negotiated individually.

The bonus is calculated on the basis of their amount set for the first 12 games after registration.

Bonus graduation table:

$0 - $20 5%
$20 - $80 10%
$80 - $150 15%
$150 - $250 20%
$250 and more 25%